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I make sense of this world through visual storytelling.

My paintings are an exploration of human nature, the actions and emotions that make up our lives whether they are exasperatingly mundane or terrifyingly significant. We, humans, our objects and our stories, our interaction with nature and animals, I find it all fascinating.   

I enjoy seeing the world in shapes and lines. I am amazed at the suggestion of a form through the gentlest of lines and thrilled by the beauty of deep, defining ones. I also find joy in making illustrations geared towards storytelling for children with elements of humor and whimsy.  


I was born and raised in India. I got my BFA at Govt. College for Art in Chandigarh. During that time I also discovered my love for film. For me it was yet another medium to explore visual language. So I studied filmmaking at National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad and enjoyed working on different film projects till I moved to the U.S.


In 2012, my wonderful, sweet daughter was born with a genetic disorder that causes epilepsy and a developmental disability. For the next few years, as my husband and I scrambled to make sense of our daughter’s journey and the challenges that it comes with, I found myself unable to do any creative work. It led me to the path of discovering how to work through creative blocks and restart my artistic journey. I was led to explore themes of what it means to be an artist, how to nurture one’s creative spirit through periods of worry and to embrace imperfections in art and in an artist’s life path. 


As we got used to our new normal, I started getting back to a more consistent practice of making art. I provided art lessons and facilitated workshops with kids and adults of varying abilities. And I found healing and comfort in drawing and painting. 


Now as a mother of two, I understand the constraints of time and energy, and the general stresses of life. Through The Purple Pencil, I hope to provide a nurturing space for others to support their creative journeys so they too may find relaxation, joy and healing through art.

- Namrata Siviya


The Purple Pencil

99 Great Rd

Bedford, MA 01730

(781) 607-7997

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